Ask Joe: Who is in charge of maintaining old ballpark on La Posada?

sky ranch.png

It was once a popular county park and baseball field. Now there are no more games played there, and the field at Pyramid and La Posada is filled with overgrown weeds.

One of our viewers, Danielle Siebert, wrote in to News 4 asking who is in charge of maintaining the park?

Here's what I found out:

Washoe County sold the land where that park sits back in 2014. It used to be called Sky Ranch Park.

A private company, Pyramid Urban Achievers, took over and now they are in charge of maintaining it, according to the county. I could not find a phone number for Pyramid Urban Achievers so we've been unable to contact them.

But while the county says it is no longer responsible for the property, what if those weeds are a fire hazard or code violation?

I checked with Truckee Meadows Fire Chief Charlie Moore about that. He says they have received some complaints about the property and notices are being sent to the property owner to get them to clean it up and cut down those weeds.

Since that process is already underway, we should see some progress before too long. Let's hope so. I'll follow up in a few weeks and let you know if the enforcement process is moving forward.

Thanks to Danielle for writing in about this. That's a pretty visible street corner so a lot of our viewers notice the overgrown weeds.

Remember if you have questions, send me an email at and just put Ask Joe in the subject line. I'll do my best to track down the answers you are looking for.

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