Ask Joe: Where is Reno's Space Whale?

Space Whale (Photo via city of Reno)

The Ask Joe file, a viewer emailed with a question about the status of a new attraction for downtown Reno.

Jay Taghiof wrote in to ask, What is happening with the Space Whale? Jay says he heard about plans to put it on display downtown, but no one has seen it.

Here's what I found out:

The Space Whale is an artistic project from Burning Man that the city of Reno has agreed to put on display for one year at a cost of up to $64,000.

It was supposed to be on display starting May 31, which was more than a month ago. So where is it?

I checked with Lauren Ball at the city of Reno about this. She says the engineering and permitting for Space Whale has recently been completed.

Construction of the structural platform will begin soon down at the city plaza, and Ball says installation will begin later this summer.

So I guess the short answer is things are running behind. This is a pretty unique project, so you can see why.

At least things are moving ahead, and the Space Whale should be in its new home pretty soon! And the whale, by the way, will still be on display for a full year.

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