Ask Joe: When will giant eagle be installed along Carson freeway?

Ask Joe: When will giant eagle be installed along Carson freeway?

We're getting some questions from viewers about the new freeway in Carson City that just opened up and some artwork that is supposed to go along with it.

Becky Butler wrote in to ask now that the new freeway is open in Carson City, when will they be installing the eagle?

She says she drives by every day and she's still waiting to see it!

The eagle we're talking about was welded out of metal. It is 800 pounds and has a 16-foot wingspan. The eagle was commissioned by NDOT and built by an artist out of Idaho at a cost of about $40,000.

The plan is to install it at the south end of the new Carson freeway to go along with the other eagle statue already in place on the north end of the freeway.

It looks great, but so far NDOT spokeswoman Meg Ragonese says they are still working to figure out how to install it safely and securely so that it doesn't get wrecked by strong winds that blow through that area.

So all they're waiting on now is some of the final engineering assessments to give the all clear. The bottom line is, with a structure that large and the kind of weather conditions we tend to see, installation is not a simple process.

One reason people are asking about the eagle is NDOT did have it out on display during the opening ceremonies for the new freeway. So that got a lot of attention.

Also, if you want to check out NDOT's Facebook page, they are having a contest to come up with a name for the new eagle. So check out the Nevada Department of Transportation on Facebook and submit your suggestion!

Thanks to Becky for sending in that question and hopefully we'll see that eagle perched in its new spot very soon!

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