Ask Joe: Who is building giant greenhouse at Rancho San Rafael Park?

Ask Joe: Who is building giant greenhouse at Rancho San Rafael Park? (SBG)

From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about a new project taking shape at Rancho San Rafael Park.

Deb DeCius, our new Human Resources Manager here at News 4, sent me a note asking about the new greenhouse building is that's going up at Rancho San Rafael off of Sierra Street.

It caught her eye, and I figure probably a few other people are wondering about it as well.

Here's what I found out:

I checked with Amy Ventetuolo over at Washoe County about this. She says the project is the new May Arboretum Greenhouse, and it is located up at Rancho San Rafael. It's 3,500 square feet, so it's hard to miss if you're in the area.

It is a $280,000 project that will provide a classroom where people can learn about growing different kinds of plants and participate in the annual plant sale at a new and better location.

They will also be using the greenhouse to grow plants that can be used at all of our Washoe County parks, and the county says that could save money in the long term.

And if there are any native plants that are considered threatened or endangered, they can use the greenhouse to grow those plants and get the population healthy again.

The greenhouse is almost done. I spoke with one of the park rangers, who said they're putting on the finishing touches and working on the irrigation system.

County officials actually met to talk about when to hold a grand opening for the new greenhouse. So we should be hearing more about all of this in the near future!

As always if you have questions you'd like to ask, send me an email at

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