Ask Joe: Truckee River is full, so why isn't more water flowing into Virginia Lake?

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From the Ask Joe file, a question Friday about a popular recreation spot in town and that is Virginia Lake.

Jerry Kirk wrote in asking what's happening with the water levels in Virginia Lake. He's noticed they've been a little low lately. He says he's surprised by that since there is so much water flowing through the Truckee River.

Here's what I found out:

I checked into this. The lake looks pretty good, but some people have commented, like Jerry, that it looks a little low.

Lauren Ball with the city of Reno says the question has come up at City Hall. She says the ditch that feeds Virginia Lake from the Truckee River got clogged up with debris during the recent flood.

The debris needs to be removed before the ditch can be opened fully. For now, there is a gate that was opened about 3 inches to allow more water to reach the lake, but that's as much as they can open it.

Removing that debris is going to cost about $15,000. The city is hoping FEMA will pick up the tab as part of Reno's flood recovery effort, but at this point they are still waiting to hear from them.

The situation will get resolved soon one way or another.

Ball says if the city doesn't get an answer soon they will go ahead and do the work and pick up the tab.

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