Ask Joe: Victim's mother asks why no arrest yet in Valentine's Day shooting?

Ask Joe: Victim's mother asks why no arrest yet in Valentine's Day shooting?

From the Ask Joe file, a question tonight about a shooting on Valentine's Day and whether it's any closer to being solved.

Shanee Ball, the victim's mother, reached out to me to ask what is the status of the investigation into the shooting death of her son, Terry Ball, on Valentine's Day? She wants to know why no one has been arrested.

Here's what I found out:

Terry Ball, 17, was shot and killed back on February 14, Valentine's Day, at the Sierra Shadows Mobile Home Park in Stead near Stead Boulevard and Silver Lake Road. Ball's family says they are frustrated because they say they know who the killer is and they want to know why no arrest has been made.

I checked with Lt. Zack Thew at the Reno Police Department about this case.

He says they are continuing to investigate. Thew says they have talked to the people involved, and they are still trying to figure out exactly what happened that night. Thew says they hope to have the case resolved soon. That's the best he could say.

It sounds like there were quite a few witnesses on hand that night, and police say sorting out who saw what has not been easy. The investigation is active and again, police say they hope to wrap it up soon but that's all they would say.

Our thoughts go out to the Ball family. We will continue to follow this case and we'll make sure to report on any updates in the investigation.

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