Ask Joe: Is Sparks eyesore home going to get cleaned up?

fieldcrest 2 home.jpg

Do you have an eyesore in your neighborhood? One of our viewers has written in with a question about a run down home in her neighborhood that she says needs to be cleaned up.

Myrma Wilson wrote in to ask what is the city of Sparks doing to clean up the vacant house on Fieldcrest in her neighborhood that has been abandoned for more than a year?

Here's what I found out:

The home Myrma is asking about. It does appear to be vacant and a little neglected.

I checked with Jim Rundle at the city of Sparks about this.

Rundle says the city's Code Enforcement Department has been working on this. And he confirms this property on Fieldcrest is not in compliance with city code.

The way the process works is the city notifies the property owner of the violation. If there's no response the city will send out a second notice and after that the city can fine the property owner.

Fines start at $100 and go up to $500. So what may start out as a simple complaint can certainly escalate if the owner doesn't take care of it.

The city takes these cases seriously. Sometimes it takes a little while but since the process has started hopefully that property will start getting cleaned up soon!

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