Ask Joe: Is new flood wall putting some Lemmon Valley homes in danger of flooding?

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That new temporary wall in Lemmon Valley is giving a lot of people some peace of mind, but could it be creating new problems for some residents? That's the question we're addressing in our Ask Joe segment.

Bill Gibson wrote in saying there are several families who live on Albert Drive in Lemmon Valley where the wall is being built.

He said they're concerned their homes are being sacrificed for the good of everyone else because they say the wall could end trapping run-off on their property.

Albert Drive is just off Lemmon Drive, and the concern is water running down off the hillsides either from the next rain or from snow melt will be trapped and flood the homes on Albert.

That temporary wall is going up to contain flood waters in Swan Lake. The wall is set up right on Albert street.

I checked with Captain Joe Schum with Truckee Meadows Fire about this. He said it is a valid concern, but as we've been reporting, large pumps have been brought in to pump out any water that gets trapped and that water will be pumped over the all into Swan Lake.

We're talking about a giant diesel pump that just arrived on Thursday, but Schum says it should be in operation very soon, hopefully by Friday morning.

So this is one of the many challenges crews face right now. They also have to plug up culverts so water doesn't drain back into those people's yards from the lake. They're hoping to bring in divers to do some of that underwater work.

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