Ask Joe: Is anyone taking care of Sun Valley skate park?

From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about a popular skate park that is not in very good shape right now.

Our viewer Taylor wrote in to ask why nothing has been done to clean up the Sun Valley roller hockey rink and skate park.

He wants to know if it is still being maintained at all.

Here's what I found out:

Taylor sent us a picture that shows the facility partially under water right now.

I checked with Darren Price, the general manager of the Sun Valley General Improvement District. He says the skate park and hockey rink were actually designed to serve as a flood basin to prevent flooding in other parts of Sun Valley. So it is serving its purpose in that way.

Price says that once things dry out a bit, they have volunteers who are ready to get busy cleaning it up.

The skate park and hockey rink were built back in the '80s, and Price said they get a lot of use so they are committed to keeping them maintained.

There's just a little too much rain and snow right now, but it will happen soon I am told.

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