Ask Joe: Why were hundreds of names missing from WCSD salary site?

From the Ask Joe file, a question tonight about salaries for some of our public officials.

Dan wrote in asking why the salary for Raymond Price, the assistant police chief of the Washoe County School District, is not listed on the Transparent Nevada website.

That's a very good question. All public employee salaries are supposed to be listed on that website. I checked with their director of transparency, Rob Fellner, who said they get their information directly from the school district's website. They found Price's name and many others had been omitted from that site.

It turns out there was a glitch in the system, according to the school district, and some names and salaries were omitted. Nine hundred names were omitted, according to Transparent Nevada, although Victoria Campbell at the school district told me she doesn't think the number is that high.

But the folks at Transparent Nevada say there were 8,200 names on the site before the glitch, and 9,100 showed up after the problem was corrected. This was based on the 2015 calendar year numbers.

Again, all of this came out because one of our viewers asked why one person's name was not on the list. The bottom line is both sites are now up to date, and you can check out either the website for the school district and look under employee payroll or to find the information you are looking for.

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