Ask Joe: Has abandoned Sparks nursing home finally been demolished?

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From the Ask Joe file, a question about what may be one of the biggest eyesores around and what the future holds for the site.

Linda Charter wrote in to give us an update that crews have finally demolished the old nursing home facility across from Reed High School. If that's true, it's going to be a big relief to a lot of people.

We've been addressing this issue for more than a year -- and asking the city of Sparks what the future holds for this property. As you may remember, it used to be a nursing home that sat on Baring Boulevard, across from Reed High School.

The good news is after sitting empty for many years, the buildings that were there have been demolished.

As we reported last time, the Smith's corporation bought the property. They did the demolition, and they've actually split the property up.

The company wants to build a gas station on the front parcel, and that application is currently under review by the city of Sparks.

The second parcel does not have any applications or building permits on file. Maybe it will turned in to a grocery store some day? We'll have to see.

Again, only the one permit is on file right now with the city. But clearly things are moving forward, and the property already looks better than has looked in years.

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