Ask Joe Follow-up: Why is ambulance company billing veteran for $3,700?

From the Ask Joe file, we are following up on a question from last week about a veteran who had been stuck with a big medical bill that he wasn't supposed to pay.

Timothy Kennedy wrote in. He got a bill for $3,700 from American Medical Response after he went to San Francisco for a heart procedure. The bill was supposed to go the V.A., but instead the ambulance company had been trying to get Kennedy to pay the bill. He turned to us for help.

Timothy is an Air Force veteran who lives in Dayton. He did go undergo a heart procedure, and he says this is causing him a lot of unnecessary stress.

Timothy sent us a copy of the bill, showing $3,700 and change for the ambulance ride. The V.A. even told us they had tried to pay it, but they had not been able to get the ambulance company to send them the proper invoice.

Well, that had been going on since May. And the V.A. says they reached out to American Medical Response three times and still could not get an invoice.

Good news to report now: I found out the bill has been paid. After we contacted American Medical Response and reported on this story, things got straightened out in a hurry. The ambulance company billed the V.A., apologized to our veteran for any inconvenience, and I confirmed with the V.A. this week they did pay that $3,700.

So hopefully that means a little less stress now for Mr. Kennedy. I'm not sure why this went on for so long, but it has now been resolved, I am happy to report.

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