Ask Joe: Does deed language prohibit school construction on Wildcreek golf course land?

Ask Joe: Does deed language prohibit school construction on Wildcreek golf course land? (SBG)

From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about the plans to build a new school on a portion of the Wildcreek Golf Course property.

Lacy Krivanek wrote in to say her husband Don was the first golf pro at Wildcreek back in the 70s.

Lacy says she is under the impression the deed to the property prohibits any use other than golf at Wildcreek. Her question is, is that true?

Here's what I found out:

Earlier this month Washoe County and the school district announced plans to build the new Wildcreek High School on the golf course property. Under the agreement the school district would purchase the land from Washoe County.

So I went down the county assessor's office and tracked down the deed from when Washoe County purchased the property back in 1984.

The language of the deed says in part, "Grantees shall not have the right to construct any structure or structures of whatsoever nature."

Again this is the language that was in the agreement when the property was deeded to Washoe County from its previous owner back in 1984.

So could this be a roadblock in the plans for a new high school? I checked with the county about this. They tell me their attorneys have found no deed restrictions for the southern part of the Wildcreek golf course.

They say based on what they can tell there are no title issues that would prevent this project from moving forward.

I did ask about the language that says no structures are allowed and the county spokeswoman did not have an immediate answer but said she would look into it.

It may be that the language in that deed only restricts construction on some of the Wildcreek property. I'll keep checking to try to nail that down for you.

As always if you have a question, send me an email at and I'll do my best to track down the answers you are looking for.

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