Ask Joe: Did public get notified about Planning Commission meeting?


From the Ask Joe file, we're addressing about some development plans in the works for South Reno.

Lynda Fisher wrote in asking did the public get adequate notice about the Steamboat Meadows project before it went to the planning commission?

Here's what I found out:

The Steamboat Meadows project is a request for a zoning and master plan amendment to pave the way for some future development. The area we're talking about is East of Virginia Street near Rhodes Road down near Pleasant Valley.

This issue had been scheduled to be heard by the Reno Planning Commission last night but it has been continued until a later date.

I checked with Matt Brown at the city of Reno to find out how the city notified residents about this hearing.

He says the public was notified starting on February 17 in several ways:

Post cards were mailed to Ward 2 residents. The information for the public hearing was was published in the Reno Gazette Journal. Signs were also posted at the site itself.

So that's how the public was notified in this case. Again last night's public hearing before the Reno Planning Commission was continued. The city tells me no new hearing date has been set but there will be a public notice again to let residents know about it.

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