Ask Joe: Did Great Western Marketplace in Reno close for good?

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One of our viewers has written in with a question about the status of a unique business that opened up not too long ago in northwest Reno.

Gary Bell wrote in asking, What happened to the Great Western Marketplace?

Gary said he lives nearby and it appears to be closed for good. He also wants to know if there are any plans to open up that space in the future.

Here's what I found out:

The Great Western Marketplace gained a lot of notoriety when it opened back in 2014, taking over the old Kmart building.

I spoke with owner Terry Naumann, and he did confirm they closed earlier this month. Naumann says the concept of housing individual start-up businesses in one location under one roof is a good one, just a little ahead of its time.

They did have more than 100 businesses at their peak and up to 1,000 customers at times, but they just couldn't keep it going.

Naumann says his family has been around a long time and we haven't heard the last of them, so look for another creative business venture in the future.

The building has been sold, but he said he is not at liberty to identify the new buyer. But it sounds like it won't be empty for too long, which is good news.

Thanks to Gary for sending in that question!

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