Ask Joe: Can Sparks traffic signals be synchronized?

Ask Joe: Can Sparks traffic signals be synchronized?

From the Ask Joe file, a question about traffic signals and back-ups.

One of our viewers wrote in asking what can be done to better synchronize the traffic signals at several intersections in Sparks. He says he drives through one intersection only to have to stop and wait at the next light.

The intersections our viewer says he is especially concerned about are along Pyramid Way at York, Roberta and McCarran.

I checked with Joe Harrington at the Regional Transportation Commission about this. He says it's important to keep in mind the signals are timed differently throughout the day to accommodate different traffic volumes.

Those traffic volumes have been fluctuating a lot lately because of all the construction work going on at Pyramid and McCarran, where the entire intersection is being rebuilt.

Harrington also says those intersections rely on cameras to time the traffic, but that will change when the intersection is rebuilt. They will be installing underground sensors as part of that Pyramid-Mccarran project, and the sensors are much more accurate and reliable than the traffic cameras.

So there is some help on the horizon to get traffic running a little more smoothly. It's all part of the big picture at that Pyramid and McCarran intersection.

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