Ask Joe: Can dip in Dayton Highway be repaired?

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From the Ask Joe file, we are looking into a question about a bumpy stretch of road that's generating some concerns from some of our viewers in Dayton.

Chris Walker wrote in to say there's a big dip in the stretch of Highway 50 that runs through Dayton. He says it started back with the storms in January and he says it is getting progressively worse. He's wondering if NDOT has any plans to fix it soon?

Here's what I found out:

Chris says NDOT has sent crews out on two occasions to work on the area. He says they tore up the sidewalk and marked off where the dip is but it is still there.

So what's going on? I checked with Meg Ragonese, our contact at NDOT about this.

She says the dip in the road is about five inches at its deepest point but she says it does not appear to be getting any worse.

Ragonese says NDOT is considering using a unique approach where they would actually inject foam underneath the road to solidify the ground. That process would not require any digging and therefore would not interfere with traffic as much other methods. A decision should be made in the next month on how to proceed.

Also be aware Ragonese says NDOT will probably close that eastbound lane where the dip is in the next week or so because it could be a safety hazard. There will still be one

eastbound lane open. They will just close the side where the dip is until repairs can be made.

So to Chris, our viewer, help is on the way.

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