Sarah Palin endorses Danny Tarkanian for Nevada's US Senate seat

Republican Danny Tarkanian announced Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017, he is mounting a primary challenge to Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, considered one of the Senate's most vulnerable Republicans in 2018. (KSNV)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has endorsed Republican businessman Danny Tarkanian in his campaign for Nevada's U.S. Senate seat next year.

The news was first reported on Breitbart before a full statement was published on Palin's website Thursday.

“Danny Tarkanian is a conservative outsider who will support the ‘America First’ policies our nation needs to survive and thrive, including building the border wall, ending sanctuary cities, and finally repealing Obamacare,” Palin said in her statement.

Tarkanian ran for a Southern Nevada Congressional seat in 2016 but lost to Democratic candidate Jacky Rosen.

Rosen herself has announced she will run for Dean Heller's seat in the Senate next year as well.

In an interview with News 4-Fox 11 earlier this month, Heller said he knew he would face a primary challenge in 2018, and that Tarkanian's candidacy came as no surprise.

The endorsement coincides with Nevada Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison's announcement that he will serve as Heller's campaign chair.

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