Democrat wants Nevadans to abolish treasurer, controller

State Capitol Building, Carson City, Nevada (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

A Democratic lawmaker is charging that the offices of Nevada's two statewide-elected officials who oversee the state's finances are so lacking in purpose that they should be abolished.

Assemblyman Elliot Anderson of Las Vegas argues the state treasurer and controller have no legitimate reason for holding elected office given modern accounting procedures and computers.

Anderson made the case Tuesday for Nevada voters to absorb their duties into the governor's office.

State Controller Ron Knecht and State Treasurer Dan Schwartz told lawmakers they have numerous discretionary responsibilities: to support public credit, promote frugality, ensure a well-managed system and encourage participation in various state programs.

Moreover, they argue their offices must remain autonomous to thwart fraud. Currently, no one person can both authorize a state payment and write the check.

Schwartz released a statement Tuesday saying the bill would "dismantle an established system that is supported by Nevada voters."

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