Bills on police cams, alternative diplomas sent to Gov. Sandoval

Governor Brian Sandoval is joined by bipartisan legislative leadership Monday, May 8, 2017, and signs Assembly Bill 469, the Clark County School District Reorganization Implementation Bill. (Photo provided)

Nevada lawmakers are sending more bills to Gov. Brian Sandoval as they count down the final days of the biennial session.

Sandoval signed about 30 bills last week.

He must take action on several others by the end of this week or they will become law without his signature.

Under Senate Bill 176, Nevada would join South Carolina as the only states to require police officers statewide to wear body cameras.

It would make recording devices a standard feature of uniforms for any law enforcement officers who routinely interact with the public.

Another bill on his desk would establish a unique assessment for disabled students to earn an alternative high school diploma.

Assembly Bill 64 aims to expand career options for young adults with special needs.

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