United Airlines victim suffered concussion, broken nose during violent removal from flight

This Sunday, April 9, 2017, image made from a video provided by Audra D. Bridges shows a passenger being removed from a United Airlines flight in Chicago. Video of police officers dragging the passenger from an overbooked United Airlines flight sparked an uproar Monday on social media, and a spokesman for the airline insisted that employees had no choice but to contact authorities to remove the man. (Audra D. Bridges via AP)

The daughter of a man forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight Sunday said her family was "completely horrified and shocked" by the viral video capturing the incident.

"My dad is healing right now," Crystal Dao Pepper said, joined by her attorneys in a live press conference Thursday.

Chicago aviation attorney Thomas A. Demetrio of Corboy & Demetrio and attorney Stephen L. Golan, represent Dr. David Dao.

"This was not a nutjob, this was not a threat to anybody," said Demetrio.

Dao suffered a concussion, broken nose, and sinus injuries that require reconstructive surgery.

The 69-year-old father of five was released from the hospital.

He was traveling home from California with his wife at the time of the beating. The two were on vacation.

Demetrio stated they are not ready to sue, as they are currently doing "due diligence" and investigating all aspects of the incident.

He believes the City of Chicago and United Airlines are both liable.

When asked by reporters if the airlines had reached out to Dao, his attorney said no.

"His apology to the family, we accept."

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz has said he was "ashamed" when he saw the video and that the airline is reviewing its policies. Munoz says law enforcement won't be involved in removing passengers in the future.

Passengers on the flight were all offered a full refund.

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