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The role access plays in getting your house sold

There are four elements to a quality listing: access, condition, financing, and price. (MGN Online / Pixabay)

So... you’ve decided to sell your house.

You’ve hired a local real estate expert to help you with the entire process and they have asked you what level of access you want to provide to potential buyers.

There are four elements to a quality listing.

At the top of the list is access, followed by condition, financing, and price. There are many levels of access that you could provide to your agent to be able to show your home.

Here are five levels of access that you could give a buyer with a brief description.

  1. Lock box on the door – this allows buyers the ability to see the home as soon as they are aware of the listing, or at their convenience
  2. Providing a key to the home – although the buyer’s agent may need to stop by an office to pick up the key, there is little delay in being able to show the home
  3. Open access with a phone call – the seller allows showing with just a phone call’s notice
  4. By appointment only (Example: 48 Hour Notice) – Many out-of-town/state buyers and relocation buyers visit an area they would like to move to and only have the weekend to view homes. They may not be able to plan that far in advance, or may be unable to wait the 48 hours to be shown the house
  5. Limited access (Example: the home is only available on Mondays or Tuesdays at 2 p.m., or for only a couple of hours a day) – This is the most difficult way to be able to show your house to potential buyers

With Reno real estate, access can make or break your ability to get the price you are looking for, or even sell your house at all.

If you own a home in Reno, or any of the surrounding areas, and have questions about access to your home, call Marshall Realty’s local real estate experts today at (775) 787-7400! We can help if you are interested in buying a Reno home or selling your house. Reno real estate can be tricky. Our team of local experts will help you sell your home for the best price possible.


Content courtesy: Marshall Realty & Keeping Current Matters

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