Wolf Pack fans react to loss in first round of NCAA Tournament


Eyes were glued to TV's across Northern Nevada as Wolf Pack fans watched the men's basketball team in the first round of the NCAA Tournament for the first time in a decade.

UNR Senior Makenna Backstrom said, "we haven't been even to a march madness tournament in a decade!"

Fans didn't see the outcome they were hoping for, but loyal supporters stuck with the team until the very last seconds of the game. They said they are proud of their team, despite the loss.

Backstrom said she is, "sad, but the fact that they've done so well speaks volumes about the team, the coaching, and everything they have to offer."

Many fans attribute their team's success to head coach Eric Musselman. Backstrom said, "he totally turned it around. Everything about Coach Musselman is great."

Others said they hope Musselman stays with the Wolf Pack. UNR Senior Parker Mason said, "I think we do have to thank him for a lot of the success. Next year we're going to have an even better team."

Mason believes the basketball team is going to be even stronger moving forward. "We've got Cam Oliver killing it on dunks. Honestly, he's all over the court; he can shoot threes. And then we have Lindsey Drew on defense. He's been killing it."

Lifetime Wolf Pack fan Alison Hull recognized the fact that a lot of the best players on the team are only sophomores. "Just be able to build and be able to make it farther than this, I think that we have the potential."

Hull said she's already excited to cheer on her team next year. "I love my team and I will forever be a fan."

Season ticket holder Rosalinda Mason began following the men's basketball team after their CBI Championship win last year. She said the NCAA loss won't affect her support of the team. "I don't care. I will be supporting this and we are ready to buy the tickets for the next season."

It's safe to say, Wolf Pack fans still believe the men's basketball team has a very bright future ahead of them.

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