Windsor Inn remains open despite bed bug infestation

Sparks, NV (KRNV & -- The Windsor Inn on Victorian Avenue in Sparks is infested with bed bugs, but the Washoe County Health District says the Inn can remain open.

According to Robert Sack with the Washoe County Health District bed bugs are a common issue in Washoe County and across the country.

A local family who had to move out of the home they were renting in Spanish Springs, decided to stay at the Windsor Inn until they could find an apartment, but they say their temporary stay has turned into a nightmare.

Don and Jenebeth Campbell along with their two young sons are looking for a new place to stay after waking up at the Windsor Inn with multiple bed bug bites all over their bodies. Don Campbell says, "It's affected my wife quite a bit, she scratches and itches a lot from the bites."

Once the Health District confirmed the bites were from bed bugs the Campbell family was moved to a new room, but Don says it didn't help the situation, "It's turned out to be even worse than the first one we were in. They were afraid we would contaminate the room, even though we got the bed bugs here."

According to employees the Windsor Inn has been dealing with bed bugs for months now. A change in ownership was supposed to take place today, but something went wrong with the paperwork. The current manager did not want to comment on the bed bug infestation, which has hit multiple rooms.

Sack says, "There's a change of ownership going on out there, which we do inspections associated with that and we discovered there was a bad bug problem out there, which isn't uncommon in a lot of our hotels."

Sack confirmed the Campbell family did file a complaint against the Windsor Inn, but he says for now the Inn will remain open. Sack added that bed bugs do not carry any diseases, but agrees that they are a nuisance, "They have become resistant to treatment methods."

The Campbell family did leave the Inn, but they had to leave behind all of their belongings to avoid the same problem somewhere else.

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