Wet winter could boost mosquito population in Washoe County

Cropped Photo: CDC

The Washoe County Health District is preparing for an increase in mosquito population, thanks to a wet winter that has left standing water all around Washoe County.

The staff with the county's Vector Borne Diseases Program is hoping to get in front of the problem and has already started sampling water for larvae and trapping adult mosquitoes.

Officials say they have already found mosquito larvae in water in Lemmon Valley, Spanish Springs, Washoe Lake and Silver Lake in Stead.

According to Jim Shaffer, program coordinator for the Vector Borne Diseases Program, the big challenge this year will be having enough larvicide to treat all of the standing water to kill the larvae.

Shaffer says they only have enough product to treat 250 acres of water, but would need to treat a couple thousand acres of water. He adds they have enough "adulticide," which is used to control the adult mosquito population.

Officials are hoping to get an additional $100,000 in funding before June 30 for mosquito abatement. Typically, the county spends about $231,000 in mosquito abatement.

Residents in Washoe County are urged to remove standing water from around their home to help curb the mosquito population.

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