Water rescuers training in "deeper, faster and colder" Truckee River

27 swift water rescue volunteers brave the high flowed Truckee River for an annual three-day academy.

Dozens of water rescue volunteers trained Sunday following concerns of a busy season ahead. This was due to the "deeper, faster and colder Truckee River," said Nathan Corona, co-chair of the Washoe County HASTY team's swift water rescue unit.

Corona continued, "We have an above average snowpack. It's much colder and much swifter."

Twenty-seven swift water rescue volunteers braved the high flowing Truckee River for an annual three-day academy. The in-water skill set up is designed to get everyone up to par. Two ropes across the river designed a tension diagonal setup. This helps capture the victim while keeping the rescuer safe.

"For someone who doesn't normally get exposure to this type of environment, it can be really scary. There are lots of features along the Truckee River that can still kill you. There's a lot of pieces to the Truckee that can be very dangerous," said Joseph McGinnis, the other co-chair the swift water team.

The group of volunteers is made up of the Washoe County Search and Rescue team, alongside with the Washoe County Sheriff's HASTY Team.

To volunteer you can contact the Washoe County at

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