US Forest Service says prescribed burn helped suppress 2016's Emerald Fire

U.S Forest Service fuel battalion chief Kyle Jacobson said the prescribed burn in April of 2016 suppressed the Emerald Fire, saving up to 50 acres of plants.

A prescribed burn earlier in 2016 helped suppress the Emerald Fire, according to the U.S. Forest Service spokesperson.

On October 14, 2016, the same day as the Little Valley Fire in Washoe County, the Emerald Fire burned 175 acres near Cascade Lake. It threatened homes nearby, causing 500 residents to evacuate, though no homes were ultimately damaged and no injuries were reported.

Rain helped firefighters during the battle, and a prescribed burn from April 2016 played a major factor.

"The prescribed fire was extremely effective in being able to reduce the fire severity and moderate that fire behavior," said Kyle Jacobson, U.S Forest Service fuel battalion chief.

The prescribed burn helped slow the rate of the fire. Fuel reduction projects are designed to thin and space the fuel to minimize forest damage.

Jacobson said the treatment saved 30 to 50 acres. Without it, there would be nothing left on the hillside.

The agency is now taking action to restore the plants in the burned area.

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