UNR sorority suspended over hazing allegations

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) - A sorority at the University of Nevada has been suspended, meaning they are temporarily unable to hold meetings or events. An investigation is ongoing due to allegations of hazing but the University is not the one conducting the investigation, and no one is talking about what did or did not happen.

"We're still evaluating the severity of the issue," said Dennis Campbell, Coordinator of Greek Life at the University of Nevada. Campbell says his office was notified by the Pi Beta Phi fraternity for Women a few weeks ago. "We received a call from the national organization," he said.

Campbell says that was also the first time he learned there had been calls made to the hazing hotline. The hazing hotline is a national hotline not a University number, where anyone can report a suspected or recent hazing incident.

Campbell says the University is working with the national organization but not conducting its own investigation at this time. "We have to see the reports and look at the investigation then the University will decide what action."

Alex Mosher broke the story. She is Assistant News Editor for the university paper, the Nevada Sagebrush. She said when she asked Campbell about the hazing he gave a much different answer. "He had no comment about it and said it didn't pertain to the University," said Mosher.

Campbell would not say what kind of hazing was reported, only that some issues were discovered. "I don't know fully we are still in the process of reviewing everything," said Campbell.

A spokesperson for Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women says two calls were received in October. They sent a statement saying: "It was determined the women violated Pi Phi's policy." And, "Those individual members who were found in violation of Pi Beta Phi's values and policies will be held accountable."

The spokesperson said right now they are suspended, and they have put their chapter's charter in jeopardy.