Two people involved with Wells Fargo robbery arrested, might be connected to other robberies

UPDATE: 7:00PM -- Sheriff Ken Furlong says, while viewing video footage, a Reno based FBI agent recognized one witness at the Wells Fargo Back as being similar to a witness at the Nevada State Bank robbery on Liberty Street in Reno. That man, 44-year-old Kenneth Wayne Young, had been identified by the first deputy as one of the witnesses. A quick check of records disclosed that Young was a resident at the Carson City Inn, located on North Carson Street.

Sheriff's Deputies responded to the Carson City Inn and soon after located Young watching them from an alley way across the street. Young was immediately confronted and detained while additional information was gathered.

Furlong says investigators soon discovered an associate of Young's, Michael Lee Smith, 34, was also a resident of the Carson City Inn. Smith's vehicle was located in the parking lot, and it matched the description of a vehicle used in the Reno area robbery.

A Tactical SWAT entry team was summoned to the area while deputies began evacuating the residents from the building. However, shortly before the SWAT team arrived at the scene, Smith was confronted when he stepped out of the doorway of his room. Smith was immediately taken into custody. Furlong says the evacuated residents were allowed to return to their rooms after about two hours.

During a warrant search of Smith's and Young's room, evidence was found that directly connected them to the early morning Wells Fargo Robbery, and gave additional information that the two are likely suspects of the Nevada State Bank robbery. Investigators from the Reno Police Department teamed up with Carson City and FBI agents as the investigation is continuing.

According to Sheriff Furlong, the key development of linking the suspects today to the Nevada State Bank in Reno came and is credited to an observant FBI agent quickly realizing that a witness in two bank robberies was likely a lookout.

UPDATE: 3:10PM - SWAT has left the scene and Highway 395 is completely back open, according to the News 4 crew on the scene.

UPDATE: 2:40PM - According to deputies on the scene, police are closing N. Carson Street, across from Carson City Inn at E. Adams Street. SWAT is on the scene.CARSON CITY, Nev. (KRNV & -- There are two people in custody at the Carson City Inn at 1400 N. Carson St, according to Sheriff Ken Furlong.

Furlong says these two people are involved with the Wells Fargo robbery that took place this morning.

News 4 has a crew on the scene and will bring you more information as it becomes available.