The McQueen Lancers remember one of their own

Reno, NV (KRNV & -- The McQueen Lancers paid tribute to Michael Landsberry during half time at Thursday's football game.

Tom Gordon a close friend of Michael Landsberry shared some of his fondest memories of Michael Landsberry to the crowd at the McQueen High School football game tonight, October 24, 2013. Landsberry was shot and killed on October 21, 2013 at Sparks Middle School by a 12 year old who also wounded two other students.

Gordon who has known Landsberry since junior high says it's a shame that the community is learning about Landsberry after the tragedy rather than before, "When we heard what he'd done we're like, yeah that's Mike. Yep. He would have done that."

During tonight's tribute the community learned more about some of Landsberry's passions in life, "I'll remember Mike a lot for his creativity and his absolute love of music, a lot of people don't know him as a musician."

Gordon says the death of this friend hasn't fully hit him yet, "Numb is probably the best word, absolute denial, numb and then more denial."

While many are still in disbelief, one thing's for sure, Michael Landsberry will forever be remembered as a hero.