Teen tells his story about professor allegedly grabbing him in Sparks class

Reno Medina and her son, Luis, talk about an incident involving a well-known University of Nevada, Reno professor (SBG)

We know more about the alleged incident that got a well-known professor charged with two misdemeanor charges.

Luis Medina said he was in art class on April 3 at Dilworth Middle School in Sparks. Howard Rosenberg, a long-time UNR professor and former Washoe County School District Board Member, was observing a student teacher.

Luis, 13, said a student slid a pair of scissors to him, and then Medina got yarn tangled on another classmate. He said that made Rosenberg mad.

“He pulled my ear right here. And after that he pulled my sweater right here and made me get up and he took me to the office,” Luis said. “And he told me if I wanted to live to the age of 14 I better plant it or sit down.”

Medina said Rosenberg also told him to “shut the F*** up.”

The alleged incident happened at 8 a.m. Luis’ mother, Rena Medina, said she only found out about the incident when the school’s automated system called her three hours later to say Luis was absent from first period.

“Was the school police notified? Was the Sparks Police notified?” she said she asked the school staff. “And she said no.”

Rena said it didn’t matter if her child was misbehaving, Rosenberg didn’t have a right to touch her kid.

“Even if he was acting up, it doesn’t give him the right to put his hand on him. No student deserves that at all,” Rena said. “I’m speaking up for my son because who knows how many kids he’s done this to. I’m just the parent and I’m his voice. I’m sticking up for him.”

The Sparks City Attorney’s office filed acting without lawful authority and trespassing charges. Both are misdemeanors. Rosenberg is due in court for his arraignment Tuesday.

Rena said she’s not satisfied with the charges and that they're only a “slap on the wrist.” She’s currently looking for an attorney and plans to file a civil lawsuit against Rosenberg.

News 4 tired several times to contact Rosenberg for comment but was unsuccessful.

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