Students to help communities in Central America

Medical students at the University of Nevada, Reno are asking for the community's help to travel to Central America.

First year medical student, Misha Fotoohi, is one of nearly 15 medical students hoping for the chance to serve impoverished communities in Nicaragua this June.

"Whether that's a check up, whether that's medications and working with people I've never really been around before," says Fotoohi. "And just learning from them and how to be a better physician and a better health care provider."

During the two week mission trip, students will have the chance to rebuild communities while also healing those in need.

Patrick Mullett, a first year medical student at the University of Nevada says, "These undeserved populations have never had medical care. So by learning how to take care of people who have never seen doctors before, we can start from the ground up and translate that into providing better care to our populations who are undeserved here in Nevada."

For 14 years, university medical students have traveled to Nicaragua, putting Reno on the map. It's a tradition Fotoohi says she hopes to continue.

"Classes before us have been going on this trip and every time they come back they talk about the experiences they've gotten from this trip," says Fotoohi. "And the things that they've learned are not things that are learned in the classroom, they are not things that are learned studying in books, they are things that are learned with hands on experience."

Click here to make a donation, helping the students travel to Nicaragua.

The students are also asking community physicians to come along on the trip. The more physicians available, the more patients that can be treated.

Contact Seema Donahoe at 775-682-7304 or to learn more.

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