Student Who Filed Complaint Speaks Out

Warning-- the following subject matter may not be appropriate for everyone in your family:

Reno, NV-- (KRNV and The woman who filed a formal complaint with Western Nevada College regarding the required coursework in a Human Sexuality class says she was shocked at what she was asked to do in order to pass the class.

Karen Royce, 60, says she expected to learn about gender roles in society, sex in different cultures, and how sex is portrayed in the media when she signed up for the class that fulfilled a requirement for her degree in social work. Instead, she says, Prof. Tom Kubistant told students to hand in a 14-page term paper detailing any rape or sexual abuse in their backgrounds, orgasms, impotence, "lubrication challenges" and more. Students were asked to provide graphic information about their sexual experiences and self-stimulation. Royce says he required students to double the number of times they masturbate each week and keep a journal, which they had to submit to Kubistant.

"I raised my hand and said, "I don't masturbate," Royce said. "He said I had to do it at least three times in order to get a grade in the class."

Other students have challenged Royce's statements, saying any student who was uncomfortable with the class requirements was allowed to turn in alternative papers and that no one was forced to take part in any class exercises that they opposed. Royce says she was never offered that option, and instead felt "humiliated" by her treatment in the class. But she also admits that on the first day of class, when students were asked to sign waivers by the teacher, she signed hers without reading it.

Royce says she worries that the personal information shared by students in the papers could end up on the internet, and accuses Kubistant of "exploiting" students.

She has filed a complaint with the school. Officials say an independent investigator determined that the allegations were unfounded. She has also filed a complaint with the US Department of Education's Civil Rights Division.
She said she attended four sessions of the class before withdrawing.