Sierra Army Depot employee arrested for stealing depot's military items

HERLONG, Calif. (KRNV & -- A Sierra Army Depot employee has been arrested for being caught stealing from the depot on video.

According to a Criminal Complaint filed by John Bower, Criminal Investigator for the Department of the Army, Sierra Army Depot, Devon Biggs is a supervisor in Warehouse 301 at Sierra Army Depot, and had been an employee for three years.

Biggs is involved with receiving and categorizing military items returning from Southwest Asia Theater of Operations (Iraq and Afghanistan).

Bower says on Apr. 3, two sources said Biggs had been pre-positioning night vision and laser equipment in various areas near the exits of Warehouse 301 and in a trash crate located on the side of the road.

Officers were then stationed to watch Biggs' actions and closed circuit video security cameras were installed.

Bower says Biggs appeared to be aimlessly wandering around the warehouse in a large black privately-owned Chevrolet pickup truck until after all the other employees left for the day. Bower says Biggs pulled his truck sideways directly behind a government GSA pickup truck to block the view of anyone passing by the area. Cameras showed him moving several plastic bags and one black backpack from his personal vehicle and placing them in the open back of the GSA pickup truck.

Bower says police then confronted Biggs and detained him for questioning. A police officer at the scene found Biggs' cell phone during a search of the vehicle. The phone was still turned on and the officer said that Biggs' last text messages were all regarding the police, such as "F**K, F**K, F**K, S**T The Cops Are Coming!."

Police searched the government car and the backpack contained nine items of sophisticated laser and thermal imaging equipment and operating handbooks for two items, laser GHOST illumination technology and low light video equipment.

Police also say the upper and lower receiver groups of a fully automatic M16A1 rifle were found concealed in the bed of the government pick-up truck.

Police searched Biggs' personal vehicle and recovered four metal night vision helmet mounts. The value of the items recovered in the backpack totaled $48,710.86, while the rifle adds another $4,000, the four night vision helmet mounts recovered total $22,000, and two black plastic cases containing the Meyer's Red Dot Lighting Systems Biggs was seen placing in the trash crate outside Warehouse 301 are valued at a combined price of $10,173.40. Police say the total value of property recovered at the scene is $84,884.26.
According to Lassen County Jail, Biggs was held at the jail until he was released to federal authorities.