Sierra Army Depot commander expresses disappointment with theft

HERLONG, Calif. (KRNV & -- Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Dexter, depot commander, is expressing his disappointment that an employee would steal from the Sierra Army Depot.

Dexter is is "furious and extremely disappointed given the integrity of the majority of the employees" that not only did emplyoee Devon Biggs, but any employee who is placed in a position of trust, would do something of this nature.

The Depot says Dexter has directed his senior level leaders to conduct multiple impartial audits/security reviews of not just the area where the theft occurred, but all areas of operation for accountability.

The investigation is ongoing. In early April, Biggs was arrested for stealing Depot items. The value of the items recovered in the backpack totaled $48,710.86, while the rifle adds another $4,000, the four night vision helmet mounts recovered total $22,000, and two black plastic cases containing the Meyer's Red Dot Lighting Systems Biggs was seen placing in the trash crate outside Warehouse 301 are valued at a combined price of $10,173.40. Police say the total value of property recovered at the scene is $84,884.26.