Sidewalk decals installed to remind pedestrians to cross safely throughout Truckee Meadows

The newly installed sidewalk decals at 17th and North Virginia Street in Reno. (SBG)

If you see new, unique sidewalk decals around the Truckee Meadows lately, don't be alarmed.

The Nevada Department of Transportation and partners are using the decals to remind community members to be pedestrian safe.

The hair-rising images are meant to remind pedestrians that crossing area roadways without paying attention can be perilous. The decals feature imagery such as a shark-infested ocean with the message: "Crossing distracted is just as deadly."

Pedestrian fatalities on Nevada roadways have spiked in 2017. As of July 2017, preliminary records show 47 pedestrian deaths on Nevada roadways, a 34 percent increases versus the same time in 2016.

Funded by NDOT, the sidewalk decals are part of the state's Zero Fatalities traffic safety campaign, which has reached 97 percent of Nevadans with potentially life-saving traffic safety messages.

NDOT says crash reports indicate that pedestrian fatalities are most often caused by the following behaviors: crossing improperly or jaywalking, not being visible, drivers not yielding, and drivers and pedestrians failing to look out for each other.

The sidewalk decals are installed at 26 locations:

City of Reno:

  • California Ave. & Nixon Ave.
  • Liberty St. & Hill St.
  • Lake St. & Commerical Row
  • Virginia St. & Bridge St.
  • Sierra St. & Bridge
  • Virginia St. & St. Lawrence
  • Robb Dr. & Promontory Dr.

City of Sparks

  • McCarran Blvd. between I-80 & Nichols Blvd.
  • Prater Way between I St. & McCarran Blvd.
  • Sparks Blvd. between Howard Dr. & Baring Blvd.
  • Oddie Blvd. between Sullivan & El Rancho
  • Pyramid Way between Greenbrae Dr. & Holman Way

Washoe County School District

  • Baring Blvd. & Sparks Blvd.
  • Plumb Ln. & Harvard Way
  • South Meadows Pkwy. & Double Diamond Blvd.
  • Mae Anne Ave. & Ambassador Dr.
  • Smithridge Dr. & Neil Rd.
  • Stead Blvd. & Silver Lake Rd.

University of Nevada, Reno

  • Record St. & Evans Ave.
  • Artemisia Way & North Virginia St.
  • 1300 block of North Virginia St.
  • 10th St. & North Virginia St.
  • 15th St. & North Virginia St.
  • 17th St. & West Stadium Way
  • 1700 block of North Virginia St.
  • Evans St. at Republic Apts.

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