Sen. Dean Heller jeered at during Hispanic luncheon

U.S. Sen. Dean Heller (U.S. Senate)

Sen. Dean Heller has joined the club of Republican congress members who have been heckled during in-person appearances.

Heller faced heavy criticism at a Latin Chamber of Commerce event in Las Vegas on Friday. Four protesters were kicked out of the event after they accused Heller of not doing enough to protect Latino jobs and not standing up to President Donald Trump. People in the front row say they could not hear Heller over the disruption.

Heller has said he will not vote for the Republican Affordable health care replacement bill if it could cost Nevada its Medicaid expansion. In his speech, Heller also addressed infrastructure, government red tape and his efforts to fix the broken immigration system.

After the event, Heller met with three of the protesters who interrupted his speech.

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