Sanctuary cities, ESAs, plastic bags among bills introduced on first deadline day

The Nevada State Legislature.

Nevada lawmakers introduced dozens of bills in multiple floor sessions Monday, ranging from topics like sanctuary cities and the Education Savings Account program to plastic bags and sex education.

Lawmakers were racing against a Monday deadline to introduce their own bills.

Republican Senator Scott Hammond introduced a bill to fund and restart the Education Savings Account program after the Nevada Supreme Court ruled the funding mechanism unconstitutional.

Senate Bill 359 moves the ESA program from the Treasurer's office to the Department of Education. It would be available on a first-come first-served basis because the $60 million earmarked for the program isn't enough to fund existing applicants, let alone new applicants, according to state treasurer Dan Schwartz.

Democratic lawmakers are proposing eliminating plastic bags from checkout counters across Nevada within five years.

Legislation introduced Monday would require grocery stores, restaurants and other retailers to tax customers 10 cents per plastic bag from July through 2021, with fees used for "cleaning up the environment."

Assembly Bill 344 would ban stores from providing customers with plastic bags beginning in 2022.

A Republican bill introduced Monday would prohibit city and county officials from discouraging law enforcement agencies from implementing federal immigration laws.

Senator Michael Roberson's Senate Bill 333 would require the state attorney general to investigate any complaint that a local government is refusing to detain people living in the country illegally.

And slow drivers in the left lane could be ticketed if Assemblyman Chris Edwards or Assemblyman John Ellison has his way.

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