Safety remains concern as events season arrives in Northern Nevada

Virginia Street in downtown Reno is closed on Friday, May 19, for Hot August Night's Spring Fever Revival (SBG)

Reno police officers walk the streets as thousands of people gather downtown this weekend for Hot August Night's Spring Fever Revival.

Concrete posts also close off most of the points of entry.

Safety remains a concern for large events this spring and summer, particularly after a man drove through a barricade last July during downtown Reno's Wingfest.

Police officers shot and killed the man, a use of lethal force that the Washoe County district attorney said was justified because of the threat to public safety.

That incident is still fresh in the minds of police officers and event promoters.

"It's a little easier to get promoters to agree to things with some of the events in the news," said Sgt. Justin Bradley. "There's a lot less pushback on some of the things we want to implement."

Bradley said posts can be installed at every intersection on Virginia Street, from 1st to 6th streets. Police also want to add them on Center and Sierra streets, though they don't have the funding yet.

Officials are also looking at other options, including watercades and large trucks, to block possible entry points. More cameras are in the Virginia Street corridor as well.

Mechanical posts can be raised and lowered at the push of a button, but those are very expensive and won't be coming anytime soon, Bradley said.

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