Reno-Tahoe officials looking to host 2026 Winter Olympics

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- Potential host cities are dropping out of the Olympic bidding process, including the Polish city of Krakow and Stockholm, Sweden, for hosting the 2022 Olympics. Earlier this week, New York City and Philadelphia dropped out of possibly hosting the 2024 games.

Still, local Reno-Tahoe officials say they still plan on bringing the games back to our region.

Experts say there are several reasons cities may drop of out the Olympic bidding process, including cost or conflict of scheduling. "One of the things that you're taught when you go after an Olympic bid in this process is the word patience," said Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition CEO Jon Killoran.

Killoran said the organization is hopeful they will bring the Olympic Winter Games back to our area. Their goal is hosting the 2026 Winter Games. "Still finding ways to move the Olympic movement forward. To bring sports tourism to the region and the state, so we can help the economy here and now."

But Killoran said ultimately it is up to the United States Olympic Committee if our area gets a chance to bid. And right now, the committee's priority is the 2024 Summer Olympic bid. "There's been some talk that they will narrow that list down to a few cities in the next week or so, and then we will wait, see what comes from there and then what their choosing may be for a 2026 winter bid," said Killoran.

Killoran said there are several reasons cities drop out of the Olympic bidding process, because bids are very complex. "We see that even here, where we're not a huge metropolis area, but there are so many things you have to take into consideration. When you're putting them forward, in the end you have to mark that checklist off, that everything is a go."

Killoran also said one of the biggest concerns cites may have about hosting the games are the costs of it, but he believes our area is capable of hosting once again. "We've always talked about fiscal responsibility, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility. As long as we keep our personal path on that direction and make sure that everything we do is feasible, real, and attainable, then I think we're fine."

Killoran said several surveys have shown people are very interested in bringing the games back to our area. The upcoming Curling Congress will be another chance for Olympic officials to see what our region has to offer.