Reno man ends hunger strike after receiving promise from Sec. of Health

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & -- Robert Miller of Reno ended his hunger strike Friday, after 11 days, with a commitment from the Secretary of Health's office to be actively involved in engaging in some sort of action to help specifically with the illness.

"We have to thank Senator Reid for advocating for our needs at the highest level of the Department of Health and Human Services, and we thank Secretary of Health Sebelius for engaging in an effort to identify treatments and clinical trials for CFS," Robert's wife Courtney Miller says.

After 11 days and the loss of about 17 pounds, one Reno man's hunger strike is over. Robert Miller went on a hunger strike after the FDA denied the drug he uses to combat his rare disorder. Miller is battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a disorder that causes him and at least one million Americans extreme exhaustion and pain.

Today, Miller says he's gained about 10 pounds back and is feeling good.