Reno fire officials offer river safety tips

Truckee River flowing faster as water managers hope to make room for more snow melt (SBG)

The Reno Fire Department is offering some river safety tips to consider this spring and summer.

Tell someone:
Make sure to tell someone where you are going, when you expect to return, and where to call if you don't.

Be sure:
Make sure your whitewater skills and experience are equal to the river and the conditions you are going to run. Never boat alone.

Know what to wear:
Always wear a Coast Guard approved type III - V, properly adjusted lifejacket at all times when you are on and near the river.

Know your limits:
Know how to self-rescue on whitewater rivers. Know when and how to swim for an eddy.

Reduce injuries:
By wearing protective footwear and clothing designed for the river, you can reduce your risk for injury.

Wear a helmet:
Helmets are a must for kayakers and canoeists at all times. Rafters should wear helmets in Class IV and above water.

Wear a wetsuit:
You should always wear a wetsuit and booties in the spring into early summer in Class V water. Make sure you are aware of early signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration in hot weather.

Be prepared:
Make sure you are prepared for extremes in weather, especially cold. Know about the dangers of hypothermia and how to deal with it.

Never run a rapid:
Unless you can see a clear path, don't go through it. Watch out for new snags after winter and spring floods.

Carry a first aid kit:
Learn or review medical aid responsibilities and CPR. Avoid rattlesnakes and poison oak, but know how to deal with emergencies if someone is unlucky.

When in doubt, stop and scout:
If you are still in doubt, make sure you stop and evaluate the situation.

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