Reno cuts Curb System parking kiosks

RENO, Nev. (KRNV & -- If you were out driving around Reno Saturday, you might have noticed all the electronic parking kiosks are out of service.

After more than two years of doing business, the City of Reno is cutting ties with Curb System, the company that runs the machines, saying they didn't keep up their end of the deal.

Assistant City Manager Cadence Matijevich said the city issued informal requests and two separate 120-day warnings before the termination.

"We were really hoping that we'd find resolution with them, but unfortunately we've come to a place where we have to do what's right for the community and the business owners down here and move on," Matijevich said.

Six calls to Curb System got a busy signal, and the CEO Kane Dutt didn't respond to News 4's email, but the company's website has been replaced with an online statement. They're filing a complaint against the city in response to the termination.

Matijevich said Curb System owes them about $800 thousand for not meeting minimum revenue guarantees.

"On any given day a number of the kiosks would be inoperable or would only be accepting one form of payment," Matijevich said.

As a short-term solution to the parking problem, the city is going to start re-installing the old coin meters around Reno on Monday.

"It'll take us about a month to get all of those reinstalled," Matijevich said.

They will be accepting bids for a new system soon and hope to give a proposal to the city council in August and give resolution to the people of Reno.
"We know it's been inconvenient," Matijevich said. "We're really sorry that it's been so frustrating."

Until the old coin meters are up and running, parking is free. All time limits are still in effect, so if you see a two-hour parking sign don't overstay the time or you risk getting a ticket.