Region declared to be in moderate to severe drought for second year

Reno, NV ( --According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Reno a majority of the state of Nevada especially Northern Nevada has been declared to be in a state of moderate to severe drought.

Gary Barbato, a hydrologist with NWS tells News 4 this is the second year in a row drought conditions will prevail in the region.

Barbato says though the recent wet weather has helped slow down snow pack melt and has added moisture to the area, but he says "it's a drop in the bucket."

Some of the areas expected to be most impacted by drought include Churchill, Lyon, and Pershing counties.

Barbato says farmers, wild horses, and wild life in those areas will be compromised.

He says farmers below Lake Lahontan are expected to get a 25% reduction in water supply. On the Walker Basin, Barbato says they'll see between 9% and 20% of their normal allotment. Then, around the Humboldt farmers are expected to only see about 10% of their normal allotment.

However, there is some good news. Barbato says, because the recent moisture has slowed down snow pack melt and cooled down temperatures hopefully it will be a slow down to the start to fire season.

"Up until just a few days ago it was looking really scary as far as starting fire season, but over the weekend it cooled off and "wetted" off," Barbato says. "That's really helped."

For a map on how drought conditions look in Nevada click here.