Record-breaking winter a boon to Northern Nevada farms

Record-breaking winter a boon to Northern Nevada farms (SBG)

If the land at Lattin Farms could talk, it would have countless stories. But nobody can tell its most recent chapter quite like Rick Lattin.

The Fallon farmland had just 21 percent of its water supply two years ago, and last year it ran out of water mid-season.

But thanks to the recent winter, Rick now has 100 percent of his water supply -- and then some.

"We are in an awesome position," he said. "We've got plenty of water, we're tearing up fields that have been left fallow for several years, getting alfalfa planted, and looking forward to not just one year but a couple years of plentiful water."

The family farm wouldn't have survived if it weren't for several community members coming to help, including the Truckee Carson Irrigation District, Federal Bureau of Reclamation and city and county resources.

Farming has its ups and downs, or in this case, its dry and wet seasons. But this record-breaking winter didn't bring just water, but also a renewed spirit, hope and a whole lot of smiles.

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