Public feeding forces BLM to remove wild horse

Spanish Springs, NV (KRNV & -- A 22 month old bay gelding is up for adoption after too much human contact in the Granite Peak Herd Management Area.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is offering Zippy for adoption after people allowed it to access a hay stack at a private residence. Zippy was removed from the urban interface north of Reno.

"Once they get used to people and they lose some of that fear factor then it becomes a problem," says Chad Hunter, the acting manager at the Palomino Valley Adoption Center.

Hunter added, "Even though they think they're doing a good thing, it actually means that we have to remove those horses."

For more information about the criteria you need to meet to adopt a horse visit:

If you are interested in adopting Zippy please contact John Axtell at 775-885-6146 or Palomino Valley Center at 775-475-2222.