PGA Golfers Visit Children's Hospital at Renown Regional Medical Center

RENO, NEV. (KRNV & golfers playing in this week's Reno Tahoe Open stopped by the Children's Hospital at Renown Regional Medical Center to visit children and their families.

"Logan, I've got some special people here and I told them you knew how to golf," that's what one patient heard this morning as golf pros Nathan Green and Steve Bowditch walked into his room. Logan is a patient at the Children's Hospital. He's always had a love for golf, you could say it runs in the family. He was very excited to meet the two PGA players today.

Green and Bowditch spent the morning handing out teddy bears and spending time with children and their families.

"To come down here and spend a few hours here, it's a good way to spend your day," says Green.

The golfers met children of all ages. Some were still a little sleepy, some were proud to show off their toys.

"As sort of a new father, it's tough to see kids who are struggling a bit, but a few smile on their faces this morning was pretty refreshing it was good to lift their spirits up, it's tough to see the kids and their parents in this situation," says Green.

One young girl the two players met beat the odds after surviving a horrific accident. She spent several days in the ICU and is now recovering. She's even starting to walk again. Her dad says her face lit up when the players walked into her room.

"We could have lost her, and to have people come by and see her and just visit with her and seeing her smile is just incredible, it's great therapy for her," says Fred Rodriguez.

Green says he will do this again.

"It's definitely worth while to come down here and see it. Hopefully we put a few smiles on the kids faces, hand out a few teddy bears and that sort of thing, it's definitely a big reality check to see what some people are going through," says Green