Only on 4: After the ashes, Washoe Drive Fire

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) - "Hell, it's been Hell to lose everything," said Jeannie Watts. Jeannie Watts and her family lost everything in the Washoe Drive Fire. Seated beside her husband Pat and two grandchildren Patrick and Riley, Jeannie explained what the past 10 months have been like since the fire ripped her life apart. "We've been through so much," she said.

The Washoe Drive Fire claimed one life. Jeannie's mother June Hargis was at home at the time of the fire. She did not escape. "Now, Thanksgiving without my mom... that's going to be tough," said Jeannie.

The Watts family is now renting a home in south Reno. "It's not home. We are getting comfortable and it will suffice," said Pat Watts.

The Watts also lost their horses in the fire. "That's been harder," said Riley Watts. Riley is now in high school. A few months after the fire, Riley was given a new horse. Riley says her horse helps her cope. "I talk to my horse. She's a really good listener," said Riley.

"I don't come out here very often. It's too sad." Jeannie took her time walking around the piece of property where her home and barn had once stood. Jeannie says they do hope to rebuild here one day. "I hope we build a barn. It will not be like it was. It was a big beautiful barn. It had flaws like the house but it was home."

The Watts family says they are waiting on the insurance company to come through so they can begin building in the next year. More than 25 homes were destroyed in the Washoe Drive Fire.

At this point the Washoe County Sheriff's Office says an investigation is ongoing. Lyle Teusher, 58, came forward days after the fire and admitted to imporperly disposing of ashes. To this day, no charges have been filed. January 19, 2013 will mark the year anniversary for the Washoe Drive Fire.