On Your Side: New developments in hit and run

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) -- There are new developments from the hit and run crash two weeks ago in South Reno that left one man in a coma. The driver has turned herself in, but has not been arrested or identified. News 4 learned what the woman told police.

We got several questions from viewers on this incident, many wondering what happened that night and why the woman is not behind bars, so we went to get answers. The Reno Police Department says the investigation is still ongoing, but sources tell us the driver was distracted. Reno police confirmed that Friday.

Jaime Hayden: "We heard that she did drop a cup and was reaching down and didn't notice?

Sergeant Joe Robinson: "Wow you are very good. That is her statement at this time and again it's still under investigation. We don't know if that's actually what happened."

Robinson says all cases are different, there is no comparing, but we wanted to know if this case is unique.

Jaime Hayden: "The biggest question everybody is wondering, our viewers, is this woman being treated differently than anybody else?"

Sergeant Joe Robinson: "No she's not being treated different than anybody else, it's an ongoing investigation. We still have a lot of t's to cross and a lot i's to dot. We're going to do our diligence on the case and we're going to spend our time and make sure we do it correctly."

News 4 has received many Facebook comments from people who want to know why the driver, who admits she hit the man and left the scene, hasn't been arrested, So we asked why?

Jaime Hayden: "So just in general if someone comes in and says I hit somebody, you can't just arrest them right then and there?"

Sergeant Joe Robinson: "People come into the police station all the time and say things. We still have to prove them, make sure there's probable cause to arrest somebody."

Robinson says the department is investigating this case as a felony crime and they are taking it very seriously.

"The person that has come forward is a member of our community. She's not going anywhere, we know where to find her," said Robinson. "So we're not worried about that, so we're going to take our time and do it right."

Sergeant Robinson says the investigation may take two more weeks to complete before it's submitted to the district attorney's office. So right now there's no way to know if or when the unidentified woman will be charged with anything, but we'll stay on this story and bring you updates as soon as we get them.