On Your Side: Closest fire crew ignored on the night of deadly shooting

Melissa Diaz woke up recently to the aftermath of a deadly shooting on her street and blood stains in her driveway.

"I have two kids, so it scares me," she told us.

What also scares her, she says, is that the fire station just a block away from her home on Stead Boulevard was not called out the night 17-year-old Terry Ball was shot.

Truckee Meadows Station 13 is a county fire station. But the shooting happened inside Reno city limits. So the fact that trained firefighters were standing by only a few hundred feet away that night didn't matter.

"God forbid my children get hurt, my husband gets hurt, you know?" Diaz said. "They should respond. They're right there."

To give you a better idea, Truckee Meadows Station 13 is less than a block from where the shooting happened at Silver Lake Road and Stead Boulevard. But instead of calling that station, dispatchers called for help from Reno Fire Station 10 which is on North Virginia Street, 5-and-a-half miles away from the shooting scene where a young man lay dying.

"As jurisdiction of primary responsibility, which we are, we always respond," said Reno Fire Chief Dave Cochran.

The Reno crew arrived within six minutes of getting the call. But the closest crew did not even leave the station.

Charlie Moore is the Truckee Meadows fire chief. We asked him is he is frustrated that his crew was not called out, given how close they were to the scene.

"I don't think it's a frustration. I think it's a desire to provide the best level of service we can to citizens no matter where they live," he told us.

While Reno and Washoe County do have an automatic aid agreement for fires, meaning the closest station responds regardless of jurisdiction, there is no such agreement in place for medical calls.

Moore says it's time that changed. In fact, he sent a letter to Reno's fire chief after the recent shooting, saying it's time to adopt a more regional approach to medical calls.

"Certainly anytime you have a critical medical call it seems to be a good idea to send the closest unit," he said.

Reno's Fire Chief Dave Cochran told News 4 he thinks its a good idea.

"I would love to see the conversation progress," he said.

It will be up to the Reno City Council and Washoe County Commission to decide whether automatic aid makes sense for medical calls and should be approved. In the meantime, if you or a loved one is sick or injured keep in mind boundary lines. The closest crew may not determine who responds.

As for the shooting of Terry Ball no arrest has been in the case. Secret Witness is offering a $1,500 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.

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